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Hardscape Design and Installation Service

Discount Landscape and Bulldozer specialize in designing, developing and installation of a variety of hardscape projects. Discount Landscape and Bulldozer landscape services to Conyers, Covington, Grayson Ga, McDonough, Peachtree City and surrounding cites. Our hardscape services include:

  • Driveway Construction & Renovations
  • Pool Decks & Patio
  • Pathways
  • Outdoor Flooring
  • Walls and Columns
  • Commercial Projects
  • Remodeling

If you are thinking about sprucing up your property with some hardscaping installations, then it’s important to do plenty of research into products, prices, and landscape design features before selecting your final design and materials.

Here are a few tips from a hardscape designer for getting the best hardscaping results for your budget, style, and property:

Develop a hardscaping budget

Hardscaping your property is likely to require a significant financial investment. Not only may you need to move land to accommodate your hardscape design, but you will also have to purchase the hardscaping materials. By establishing a budget, you can work with your hardscape designer to develop solutions you’ll love-without breaking your bank.

Also, keep in mind that hardscaping materials alone can vary drastically in price, so it’s important to speak with your hardscape designer about which materials may suit your budget; your designer may have some suggestions for less expenses materials that look and feel like their pricier counterparts. The good news is that if you are planning to take on a large hardscaping project, you’ll be able to buy materials in bulk, which can reduce the project costs.

Complementing colors, textures, and styles with existing home and landscape features

If you have an existing home-or a completed new construction home design-be sure to select materials that complement your home’s style. You don’t necessarily have to select the same materials that were used to construct your home, such as brick or stone, but you’ll want to have hardscaping features that match your home’s color scheme, texture, and general style.

That being said, too much of the same material can be overwhelming; this is where an experienced hardscape designer can provide suggestions for materials that complement your style without detracting from it.

Sustainability and eco-friendly solutions

More and more homeowners are taking on projects that use eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. Your hardscaping design can help to significantly reduce your home’s environmental footprint. Not only can you select hardscaping materials from local resources, but you can also design your hardscaping in such a way that you can help to direct water flow to plant beds and yards, reducing your reliance on public water utilities.

Discount Landscape and Bulldozer provides hardscape services to Conyers, Covington, Grayson Ga, McDonough, Peachtree City and surrounding cites.

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