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Facts You Should Know About Lawn Irrigation Systems

October 9, 2013 by admin

Facts You Should Know About Lawn Irrigation Systems

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Having a proper sprinkler or irrigation system is a great luxury to have. However, there are a number of things you need to think about before trying to utilize your own. Listed below are some common questions about how irrigation sprinkler systems work:

How long should I water my lawn and garden?
This depends on your sprinkler system and its precipitation rate. A typical spray sprinklers operation will water shrubs for 10 minutes, circle rotors for a half hour and full circle rotors for a full hour. Contact your local sprinkler installer to discuss your options.

What does a sprinkler system consist of?
The system efficiently waters your yard with spray or rotary sprinkler heads that are placed in a geometric pattern. They are typically separated into zones to make the best use of water pressure and because your lawns watering needs vary by a lot of various factors, which include your area zone, location where you are watering, and also specific plants watering requirements. The final piece is a controller or timer that tells to the system when it operates.

My sprinklers won’t turn off.
Try unplugging the controller to reset. If this fixes the issue, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reprogram the controller. If your system not turn off, then turn off the water to the sprinklers and contact your sprinkler system company that installed your system.

Do sprinklers really conserve water?
Yes!! One of the best reasons for getting an automatic irrigation system is that they aid in water conservation. A system installed and maintained properly ensures total hydration coverage; and the correct water distribution, timing and calibration. The best time suggested to water your plants is in the morning, as there is ample time for water to penetrate the ground due to milder temperatures, calmer wind and peak water pressure.

What about rain sensors?
Rain sensors are one of the best ways to save water, as well as aiding in extending your systems life span. Additionally, they allow your sprinklers to take a break when there is rain.

Why is my rotary sprinkler not rotating?
If the sprinkler is no longer rotating or water flow has decreased, first check to see if the filter is clogged, if this is the case, try cleaning it out. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, then the internal assembly may need to be replaced.

What are irrigation zones? Do they matter?
Irrigation zones are planned before the system is installed. Each zone is divided by the amount of water needed for proper hydration. For example, zones in sunny areas might need water while zones in shaded areas can probably use less. These zone help determine water efficiency, meaning less water waste.

Does sprinkler system installation damage yards?
Installing a system requires pipe pulling, and many contractors have equipment and machines that install the pipe with minimal damage. Once that is completed, the sprinkler lines are barely visible and will no longer be visible as your lawn grows.

Do I need to winterize my system?
Yes. A winterized system will not be damaged during the cold months, while one that is not winterized can have frozen or damaged pipes or even sprinkler heads.

How long does it take to install an irrigation system?
Many can be installed in one day, but depending on the size of the system and amenities, it might take longer.

A properly designed irrigation sprinkler system can address the different watering requirements of different plants as well as the microclimates found within your landscape including the foundation of your Home Investment. Dallas Landscape and Irrigation sprinkler system expertise can properly address these diverse watering needs which will in turn save you money by not overwatering areas with a poorly designed system.

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